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Glow Pilates offer Bowen Therapy & Reiki

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Bowen Therapy - Full Treatment

Allow approx 30 minutes

Bowen Therapy full treatment. Performed through light clothing.

Bowen Therapy - Short Tune Up

Allow approx 15 minutes

Bowen Therapy Short Tune Up. Performed through light clothing.

Reiki Treatment

Allow approx 30 minutes

Reiki Treatment. Performed through light clothing.

Bowen Therapy

Re-align your posture and free your muscles and joints prior to and during your Pilates training process or simply for stand alone treatments and pampering.

Bowen therapy is a non invasive body treatment technique in which the practitioner applies specific, light manual manoeuvres of the fascial tissue (connective tissue that covers the muscles) to assist the body’s natural processes to adjust, clear, and free the muscular and joint tension, creating an improved sense of well being and postural alignment.

Bowen Therapy can assist:

  • To normalise tissue physiology
  • To allow the body to heal naturally
  • To reset the bodies’ energy channels and fields

Our bodies are affected by our emotions and level of spiritual balance as well as nutritional and environmental factors. Bowen therapy is an efficient, relaxing and rejuvenating treatment assisting in facilitating the body to re-gain balance.


This is a super relaxing energy treatment. Gentle, soothing, calming and assists to create balance and harmony of the mind, body and spirit.

It may be added to your Bowen therapy treatment for a full ‘tune up’, just remember to mention this to your therapist at GLOW Pilates & Body Conditioning Centre.

Treatments are performed through light clothing so there is no need for oils, or disrobing.

Guided meditation and visualisation is a powerful modality, and we offer this during any session at GLOW Pilates & Body Conditioning Centre. For years now clients have noted and enjoyed the holistic approach to their training and treatments whilst at the studio. ‘Total wellbeing’ is our mantra, so we endeavour to offer everyone at GLOW a happy and soothing experience to remember, as well as educating everyone with their personal Pilates posture ‘tool kit’ to assist them to use all that they learn during their sessions at the studio for home, at work and play.

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