Specialist Pilates

Pre-Natal Pilates, Post-Natal Pilates & Remedial Pilates

GLOW Pilates offer the following Specialist Pilates options

Pre-Natal Pilates and Post-Natal Pilates

Pre-Natal Pilates and Post-Natal Pilates is a great way to continue exercising through your pregnancy and to prepare for childbirth and beyond.

  • Relax
  • Build Core Strength
  • Prepare well and assist recovery
  • Stabilise the Pelvis and lower back
  • Regain Pelvic Floor Strength Post Partum
  • Relieve Upper Back and Neck Tension
  • Train in Supportive, Affirming and Social Environment!
  • Re-Energise Your Body and Pamper Your Spirit For Parenting!

You will be guided through specific safe exercises and stretches which evolve as your needs change. A personalised home programme will be provided for you as well. We also have specific videos suited to you in our GLOW online library for home practice.

Gabrielle has specialist Pilates accreditations for Pre and Post natal Pilates training. Many Mums and bubs have attended Glow Pilates to maximise the time throughout pregnancy as well as post natal. Babies are welcome in the studio. It can be lovely additional time for bonding between Mum and bubs or a reprieve to rejuvenate Mum. Dads are also most welcome. We personalise your experience in the studio so after your initial 1:1’s you are welcome to come to any small class session from our timetable as your regular classes ongoing. We understand how a baby’s timetable can be unpredictable!

Remedial Pilates

Improve your confidence through restoration of harmony and balance or muscle control

  • Improve your posture and flexibility
  • Increase your muscle strength safely
  • Decrease the time taken to start normal activity post surgery
  • Rejuvenate energy levels
  • Improve your postural alignment
  • Move with more freedom and comfort

In order to prepare for an operation, your Pre-Op Pilates training program will be addressing the correction of your postural alignment as well as gaining strength and flexibility. The body in its best working order pre- procedure will assist in physically, mentally and emotionally preparing for a better process of post op recovery.

After an operation a surgical incision will take up to 6 weeks to heal. Abdominal muscles (involving TA) waste and atrophy from decreased use, leaving the spine and pelvis vulnerable to injury when normal activities resume. Post-Op clients are closely guided through an individualised routine, which is developed at your pace to regain strength and increase flexibility. Once you have medical clearance from your physician an initial 1:1 assessment is performed which leads to the establishment of an appropriate therapeutic plan to maximise your rehabilitation.

*A medical referral from your physician is required for all specialty Pilates prior to training, please bring this along on your first appointment.