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We are passionate about caring for you and assisting you to get the most out of your experience at GLOW Pilates & Body Conditioning Centre.

To begin your Pilates training with us we require you to have a Postural Assessment. This private 1:1 consultation is a 1 hour appointment. It is imperative for us to do this to ascertain your individual needs and postural alignment to then establish a program of exercises that you will be closely guided through during each class. Following a detailed medical history, your Pilates instructor will guide you through a series of postural movements and muscle tests, assessing your posture and alignment. During this appointment you will learn the basic principles of the Pilates breathing and core engaging technique. This is a vital requirement and a great opportunity to review your technique even if you have done Pilates previously.
Following this initial postural assessment we encourage you to do a few more 1:1 sessions well before joining a small group class so that you understand your specific variations of exercises and learn the principles of the Pilates method.


Allow approx 1 hour

Your personal session will include floor and equipment variations using the large Pilates equipment as well as smaller training devices at the studio to enable you to have a holistic training session and for you to learn how to practice the best variations for you at home. Our online videos for home practice between your studio classes assist you to get the most out of every practice session. Once you have done a few 1:1 sessions close together then you may chose to join a group class for you ongoing training with us.

1:1 plus a Bowen treatment

Allow approx 1.5 hours.

You may decide to continue with 1:1 sessions and finish your training hour with a Bowen therapy treatment for a whole body “tune up”.


Allow approx 1 hrs.

You and a friend may decide to do DUO sessions after the initial postural assessment.

Home Visits

For those who have ailments which restrict them from coming into the studio, Glow Pilates provides an at home pilates training service. Service fees on application.

Disclaimer: Minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation of booking is required. This is a courtesy to enable clients on waiting lists for that class time to be notified of class availability. If minimum of 24 hours notice is NOT provided to Glow Pilates, full charge of that class is applied. Absenteeism due to a holiday away is exempt from the make up rule. Cancellations or change of class time with 24 hours notice provided, that class can be made up within 7 days only. No refunds.

Health rebates available